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Finding good service in Thailand is so hard I will keep going back to a business forever that impresses me. That’s why I have been a customer of Sarto di Moda tailors for almost 15 years. Vic, the owner, believes in offering high-quality clothes with the best service out of any tailor in Bangkok. He does whatever it takes to keep a customer long-term for decades, including free alterations for life. Sarto di Moda doesn’t have the cheapest prices in the city because they only offer double-stitching, high-quality buttons, and cuffs and collars that don’t bubble when ironed.

I am a firm believer in “you get what you pay for”, and I prefer to have a worry-free and comfortable shopping experience knowing that I will be taken care of.

Sarto di Moda is located on the corner of Sukhumvit Road and Soi 11 beside the Nana BTS station. Mention you are a follower of FIRE in Thailand and receive 10% off your purchase.


Another local business that has great service is Paleo Robbie food delivery. Contrary to popular belief, it is hard to find healthy food in Bangkok. Thai food is based on white rice and is often loaded with cheap oil, salt, sugar, and MSG. The little bits of meat you get are often inedible.

I had stomach problems for a long time that started when I first came to Thailand. My digestive system completely healed soon after I started eating three meals a day from Paleo Robbie, and I have been ordering regularly for close to five years. Even if you are unsure about the Paleo diet, you can’t deny the health benefits of cutting out processed food, pesticides, and antibiotics. Eating only real food saved my life. Once my stomach felt better, I had more energy and started exercising. My health improved dramatically as a result.

Real food includes lean protein, fruits, vegetables, seafood, nuts, seeds and healthy fats. Paleo Robbie uses healthy saturated fat from grass fed meat, poultry, seafood, ghee, butter and coconuts along with lots of monounsaturated fat from olive oil, nuts, and seeds. If you are gluten-free and want to avoid soy, Paleo food is a good option.

Paleo Robbie delivers six days a week anywhere in Bangkok. FIRE in Thailand readers can use voucher code FIRE300 to get 300B off your first grocery order (1,500B minimum, new customers only) and FIREMEAL300 to get 300B off when ordering three or more meals from the weekly mealplan (new customers only).


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